Hello world!

I am not really the sort who lives life constantly updated and updating. I used to check my Facebook account quarterly, as in 4 times a year. Yeah, I know, time to crawl out of the cave, right? In comparison to the tweeting, posting, blogging generation of today, I am a dinosaur. I like sitting down with friends, having a chat over tea. I like talking to people, having a conversation, having a party. I like using pen and paper. Shocking. 🙂

So I wouldn’t blame you for asking ‘Why?’. Why would I start a blog? Well, as much as I love pen and paper, there is something magnificent in technology that allows us to store memories so neatly and share them with so many all over the world with such ease. I’ve been doing a lot of ‘homemaking’ recently and thought a blog would help me record my projects and also share what I learned with the wide world out there, and you. 😉

So thank you for reading my blog and sharing in my experience. Do leave comments just to say hi or let me know what you think or how you may have done things differently. I am learning along the way too.